Paolo Carnelli is an old friend of mine. We have met on many exciting occasions in Italy over the years. Alongside some great friends from ‘The VdGG Study Group’, Paolo has done great work over the years to help Van der Graaf Generator - and also the past and present musicians of the band; so I trust him! When Paolo suggested I take a look and listen to Reagente6, it was my duty to take them seriously. So later, when Fabio asked me to play a gig with the band I was really enthusiastic!

Reagente6 is about exciting high energy music; they are an unstoppable band. I don’t often get a chance to play this kind of music and be stimulated by so many rich world music influences! It is a band of great young improvising musicians from a fascinating variety of cultures. The music is rich and nourishing and unpredictable. For this project, Fabio di Biagio wrote some wonderful new pieces - that I feel were written especially for me to perform. It was a great thrill to play them at a live recording and at such an historic gig. The 'icing on the cake' for me was to meet and play with the legendary Amit Chatterjee. I have been a lifetime fan of Joe Zawinul and to be just one musician away from that genius was better than marvellous! Please enjoy this new album and spread the word. My favourite line from the whole project is ‘Diversity is a Great Wealth!’ Start here!

David Jackson


BACKGROUND: Van Der Graaf Generator, Osanna, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hammill, Sarah Jane Morris, Alice, Alan Sorrenti, Aldo Tagliapietra...

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT: Alto, tenor, soprano saxophones, flutes and whistle




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